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  • TCI-Simple Sober Invitation 19764

    TCI-Simple Sober Invitation 19764

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    Simple Sober Invitation 19764 features a classy damask print on both the card and envelope. The main card includes a satin in the centre, creating a sophisticated two-tone design.


    Simple Sober Invitation 19764 exemplifies timeless elegance and understated sophistication. The exquisite damask print adorns both the invitation card and its matching envelope, imparting a sense of classic charm and refinement. This subtle yet captivating design is perfect for those who appreciate the beauty of simplicity.

    The main card is thoughtfully designed with a satin in the centre, adding a touch of luxury to its otherwise minimalist aesthetic. This two-tone combination not only enhances the visual appeal but also provides a tactile experience that feels both smooth and rich. The satin insert stands out beautifully against the damask backdrop, creating a harmonious blend of textures and colors that is both eye-catching and tasteful.

    Ideal for a variety of occasions, from weddings and engagements to anniversaries and formal gatherings, this invitation is a testament to the adage that less is more. Its clean lines and elegant design make it a versatile choice, suitable for any event where sophistication and class are paramount.

    Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, Simple Sober Invitation 19764 is made from quality materials that ensure durability and a sober feel. The matching envelope completes the look, making sure your invitation arrives with the same level of elegance that it exudes.

    This invitation is perfect for those who seek to make a statement through subtlety. Its refined appearance is sure to impress guests and set the tone for a memorable event. With Simple Sober Invitation 19764, you can convey a sense of occasion that is both grand and graceful, ensuring your special day is celebrated in style.

    Name: TCI-Simple Sober Invitation 19764
    Color: Red
    Weight: 40 GM
    Orientation: Portrait
    Paper: Fabric & Metallic Card
    Size: 4.75" x 9.75"