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  • LWC-Opulent Box Wedding Card 2309

    LWC-Opulent Box Wedding Card 2309

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    ₹ 1020 ₹ 1275

    Immerse yourself in the regal allure of our Opulent Box Wedding Card 2309. Featuring an exclusive multicolour design and palace door theme, this card includes two padded inserts and elegant glass jars for treats. Personalize it with golden foil names for an unforgettable touch. Note: Minimum Order Quantity 50 pcs


    Discover the epitome of elegance with our Opulent Box Wedding Card 2309. This masterpiece features an exclusive multicolour design that graces every inch, setting a majestic tone for your special day. At the centre, the palace door theme captivates with an MDF paste-up, ready to be personalized with the bride and groom’s names in golden foil, transforming the card into a cherished keepsake.

    Unveiling this luxurious boxed card reveals delightful caricatures of the bride and groom, adding a whimsical touch to the enchanting theme. Inside, two padded inserts provide ample space for your wedding details, while two elegant glass jars invites you to fill them with gourmet chocolates or dry fruits, offering a delectable treat for your guests.

    Every aspect of this card speaks of opulence and thoughtful design, from the intricate details to the luxurious presentation. It’s more than an invitation; it’s a gateway to an extraordinary celebration that promises to dazzle and delight. The Opulent Box Wedding Card 2309 ensures your wedding day will be unforgettable, creating lasting memories for you and your guests. Embrace the luxury and make your special day truly exceptional with this exquisite invitation.

    Note: Minimum Order Quantity 50 pcs

    Name: LWC-Opulent Box Wedding Card 2309
    Color: Yellow
    Weight: 1000 GM
    Orientation: Horizontal
    Paper: MDF Box
    Size: 12.5"x9"x4"