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  • HC-Thick Invitation Card 23506

    HC-Thick Invitation Card 23506

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    ₹ 24.8 ₹ 31

    Our Thick Invitation Card 23506 is a testament to sophistication and style, meticulously crafted from ITC card stock and adorned with a striking golden border design. Enclosed within a matching envelope, this thick invitation card sets the tone for any event, making your invitations memorable with this exquisite choice.


    The Thick Invitation Card 23506 exemplifies elegance and refinement, perfect for adding a touch of class to any occasion. Expertly crafted from high-quality ITC card stock, this invitation card boasts a robust and luxurious feel, ensuring your guests will be impressed from the moment they receive it. The design features a striking golden border that exudes sophistication and highlights the card’s superior craftsmanship.

    Each Thick Invitation Card 23506 is enclosed within a matching envelope, creating a cohesive and polished presentation. The envelope is crafted to complement the card, providing a seamless and stylish look that enhances the overall appeal of your invitation. This attention to detail ensures that your invitations not only stand out, but also convey the importance and grandeur of your event.

    Ideal for a wide range of occasions, this thick invitation card is versatile enough to suit various events, including grand inaugurations, engagements, anniversaries, birthdays, thread ceremonies, and house-warming ceremonies. Its elegant design and high-quality materials make it a perfect choice for those seeking to make a lasting impression on their guests.

    By choosing the Thick Invitation Card 23506, you are opting for an invitation that speaks volumes about your taste and the significance of your event. Its exceptional quality and sophisticated design ensure that your invitations are not only memorable but also cherished by your guests. Elevate your event with this exquisite invitation card and set the tone for a truly unforgettable celebration.

    Name: HC-Thick Invitation Card 23506
    Color: Off White
    Weight: 73 GM
    Orientation: Portrait
    Paper: Coated ITC Card
    Size: 9.25" x 6.5"