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  • HWC-Grand Regal Wedding Card 23030

    HWC-Grand Regal Wedding Card 23030

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    ₹ 41.6 ₹ 52

    Unveil the grandeur of the Grand Regal Wedding Card 23030, featuring a die-cut procession theme, a golden foil vintage design, and a traditional Ganesha paste-up. This captivating card showcases the bride and groom against a majestic palace backdrop and includes two elegant pastel-shaded inserts with a box envelope. An unforgettable choice for your special day.


    Experience the epitome of elegance with the Grand Regal Wedding Card 23030. This exquisite card is designed to captivate and impress, making your special day unforgettable. The front of the card boasts a magnificent die-cut procession theme, a testament to grandeur and tradition. At its center, a vintage design is meticulously adorned with golden foil, exuding a regal splendour that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

    The heart of this vintage design features a Ganesha paste-up, symbolizing traditional blessings and invoking auspicious beginnings for the couple. As you open the card, you are greeted by a breathtaking scene of the bride and groom in traditional attire, standing gracefully against the backdrop of a majestic palace. This stunning depiction creates an atmosphere of royal celebration, setting the tone for an extraordinary wedding.

    Beneath the other flap, you’ll discover two pastel-shaded inserts that add an elegant and refined touch to the overall design. These inserts provide ample space for all the essential details of your wedding, presented in a style that complements the grandeur of the card.

    Crafted from high-quality matte card stock, both the invitation card and its matching box envelope carry the same luxurious theme. The cohesive design ensures that every element of your invitation exudes sophistication and charm.

    The Grand Regal Wedding Card 23030 is more than just an invitation; it is a statement of opulence and tradition, making it the perfect choice for couples who wish to celebrate their union in grand style. Elevate your wedding with this extraordinary card and make your special day truly memorable.

    Name: HWC-Grand Regal Wedding Card 23030
    Color: Beige
    Weight: 100 GM
    Orientation: Vertical
    Paper: Matte Card
    Size: 7.25"x9.75"