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  • DWC-Magnificent Box Wedding Card 14116

    DWC-Magnificent Box Wedding Card 14116

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    ₹ 52.8 ₹ 66

    The Magnificent Box Wedding Card 14116 is an exquisite-padded invitation featuring an elegant blend of laser-cut and foil-printing techniques. Adorned with a beautiful floral design and a laser-cut Ganesha on the front, this designer card comes with matching inserts. Truly traditional and stunning!


    The Magnificent Box Wedding Card 14116 is a true masterpiece, embodying the perfect blend of tradition and modern elegance. This soft padded invitation card stands out with its luxurious design elements and meticulous craftsmanship. The front of the card showcases a striking combination of laser-cut and foil-printing techniques, creating a visually captivating floral design. At the centre, a laser-cut Ganesha adds a touch of divine grace, making this card a symbol of auspicious beginnings.

    Crafted with attention to detail, the Magnificent Box Wedding Card 14116 is made from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and a premium feel. The card’s soft padding adds a layer of sophistication, making it a pleasure to hold and admire. Its rich, shimmery finish enhances its opulent appeal, making it the perfect choice for a grand celebration.

    The card comes with matching inserts that replicate the main design, providing a cohesive and elegant presentation. These inserts are ideal for including additional details about the event, such as the itinerary, RSVP information, or special notes to guests. The matching gold box envelope further elevates the card’s luxurious appearance, ensuring that every aspect of your invitation exudes magnificence.

    Whether you’re planning a traditional wedding, an engagement ceremony, or a grand celebration, the Magnificent Box Wedding Card 14116 is the ultimate choice to impress your guests. Its combination of traditional motifs and modern design elements makes it a timeless keepsake that your loved ones will cherish.

    Name: DWC-Magnificent Box Wedding Card 14116
    Color: Wine Red/ Maroon
    Weight: 147 GM
    Orientation: Landscape
    Paper: Metallic Card
    Size: 10.5" x 4.75"