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  • CWI-Elegant Wedding Invitation 18178

    CWI-Elegant Wedding Invitation 18178

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    ₹ 28 ₹ 35

    Discover the allure of simplicity with our Elegant Wedding Invitation 18178. Featuring a thick ITC card with a raised white damask pattern, this invitation exudes minimalistic charm and adds a touch of sophistication to your special event.


    Experience the perfect blend of simplicity and elegance with our Elegant Wedding Invitation 18178. This exquisite invitation is crafted from premium thick ITC card stock, ensuring a luxurious feel and durability. The raised white damask pattern adds a touch of refinement, creating a visually stunning contrast that captures attention without overwhelming the senses.

    Designed for those who appreciate minimalistic beauty, this invitation embodies grace and sophistication. The subtle yet striking damask pattern provides a timeless appeal, making it suitable for various wedding themes, from classic to contemporary. The high-quality materials and meticulous craftsmanship ensure that each invitation is a work of art, worthy of announcing your special day.

    The Elegant Wedding Invitation 18178 is more than just an invite; it’s a statement of style and elegance. Its clean lines and understated design make it perfect for couples who value refined aesthetics. The invitation’s simplicity allows your wedding details to shine, while the raised damask pattern adds a touch of opulence.

    Accompanied by a matching envelope, this invitation set ensures a cohesive and polished look from the moment your guests receive it. The envelope’s sleek design complements the invitation, providing a seamless and sophisticated presentation.

    Choosing the Elegant Wedding Invitation 18178 means choosing timeless beauty and unparalleled quality. Let this invitation set the tone for your wedding, promising an event filled with elegance and charm. Your guests will be captivated by its understated elegance, leaving a lasting impression that reflects the greatness of your special day.

    Name: CWI-Elegant Wedding Invitation 18178
    Color: Off White
    Weight: 65 GM
    Orientation: Square
    Paper: Thick ITC Card
    Size: 7.25" x 7.25"