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  • BSI-Unique Customized Invitation BR Green

    BSI-Unique Customized Invitation BR Green

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    ₹ 72 ₹ 90

    The Unique Customized Invitation BR Green features a metallic card wrapped in plastic, with stars and glitters inside that create a lasting impression. It includes a vellum paper envelope, making it perfect for those seeking personalized, special invitations.


    The Unique Customized Invitation BR Green is a masterpiece of elegance and personalization, designed to leave a lasting impression on your guests. Crafted from premium metallic card stock, this unique invitation is wrapped in a clear plastic material, creating a mesmerizing effect. The standout feature is the enchanting stars and glitters encased within, which move gracefully as the card is handled, adding a touch of magic and sophistication to the invitation.

    Ideal for those who seek something truly special, this invitation is perfect for any grand occasion—be it a wedding, anniversary, birthday party, or any other celebration. The metallic green finish exudes luxury and refinement, making it a perfect choice for events that demand a touch of class and elegance.

    The Unique Customized Invitation BR Green comes with a vellum paper envelope, enhancing the overall presentation with its delicate translucency. This envelope complements the card beautifully, ensuring that the first impression is as striking as the invitation itself. The vellum material adds an extra layer of sophistication, setting the tone for an unforgettable event.

    Personalization options make this invitation even more special. Whether you want to add names, dates, or a unique message, the customization ensures that each invitation reflects the essence of your event. This level of detail and care makes the Unique Customized Invitation BR Green a cherished keepsake for your guests, reminding them of the special occasion long after it has passed.

    For those looking to make a memorable impact with their invitations, the Unique Customized Invitation BR Green is the ultimate choice. Its unique design, combined with luxurious materials and the enchanting movement of stars and glitters, guarantees an invitation that stands out and creates a lasting impression.

    Name: BSI-Unique Customized Invitation BR Green
    Color: Green
    Weight: 55 GM
    Orientation: Square
    Paper: Metallic Card & Vellum Paper
    Size: 7" x 7"