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  • BPI-Attractive Padded Invitation 19750

    BPI-Attractive Padded Invitation 19750

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    ₹ 18.4 ₹ 23

    The Attractive Padded Invitation 19750 is meticulously crafted with four elegant folds, featuring customizable printing for any occasion. It comes with a matching pocket envelope, making it an essential choice for a truly remarkable event.


    Introducing the Attractive Padded Invitation 19750, a stunning blend of elegance and craftsmanship designed to make any event unforgettable. This invitation is meticulously crafted with four elegant folds, providing a sophisticated presentation that is sure to impress your guests from the moment they receive it.

    The front of the invitation offers customizable printing tailored to your specific occasion, whether it’s a wedding, anniversary, birthday, or any other special event. The high-quality printing ensures that your text and design choices are rendered beautifully, reflecting the importance and grandeur of your celebration. The padded design adds a touch of luxury, making the invitation feel substantial and significant in the hands of your recipients.

    Accompanying this exquisite invitation is a complementary pocket envelope, designed to protect the invitation and add an extra layer of elegance. The pocket envelope is not just functional, but also enhances the overall aesthetic appeal, making the entire ensemble cohesive and visually stunning.

    What sets the Attractive Padded Invitation 19750 apart is its attention to detail and the premium materials used in its creation. The thick, padded card stock provides a tactile experience that speaks to the high standards of your event. Each fold is precisely executed, ensuring a flawless finish that exudes quality and sophistication.

    Don’t hesitate to choose the Attractive Padded Invitation 19750 for your next event. Its blend of beauty, functionality, and customizability makes it a must-have for anyone looking to make a lasting impression. With this invitation, you are not just inviting guests; you are setting the tone for a truly remarkable and memorable event.

    Name: BPI-Attractive Padded Invitation 19750
    Color: Cream
    Weight: 90 GM
    Orientation: Portrait (folded)
    Paper: Textured Metallic Card
    Size: 7" x 4"