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  • HBC-Box Wedding Card 15014

    HBC-Box Wedding Card 15014

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    ₹ 106.4 ₹ 133

    Introducing the Box Wedding Card 15014: A dazzling wedding invitation featuring bold, laser-cut mirror finish designs on luxurious textured metallic card stock. It includes contrasting textured metallic inserts and a matching boxed envelope for a stunning presentation.


    The Box Wedding Card 15014 is a masterpiece of elegance and sophistication, designed to make a lasting impression on your guests. This flashy invitation card is crafted from luxurious textured metallic card stock, giving it a rich and opulent feel. The bold, laser-cut mirror finish designs add a touch of modern artistry, creating a striking contrast against the textured surface.

    Each card is accompanied by contrasting textured metallic inserts, enhancing the overall aesthetic and providing ample space for your personalized message. The inserts are designed to complement the main card perfectly, ensuring a cohesive and stylish presentation.

    The highlight of this exquisite wedding invitation is the matching boxed envelope. This box envelope is not only functional but also adds an extra layer of luxury to the entire ensemble. It protects the invitation card while maintaining the elegance and grandeur of the overall design. The boxed envelope mirrors the design elements of the card, creating a unified and breathtaking look.

    Ideal for those who appreciate fine craftsmanship and attention to detail, the Box Wedding Card 15014 is perfect for weddings, engagements, and other special occasions. It is designed to captivate and impress, leaving a memorable impression on your guests. The combination of the shimmering metallic finish, intricate laser-cut designs, and the sophisticated boxed envelope makes this invitation card a true work of art.

    Choose the Box Wedding Card 15014 to set the tone for your special day with an invitation that speaks volumes about your style and elegance. This card is not just an invitation; it is a statement of your impeccable taste and a preview of the grand celebration to come.

    Name: HBC-Box Wedding Card 15014
    Color: Red
    Weight: 251 GM
    Orientation: Square
    Paper: Metallic Card
    Size: 8" x 8"