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  • AI-Green Leaf Shape Invitation Card 18560

    AI-Green Leaf Shape Invitation Card 18560

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    ₹ 23.2 ₹ 29

    The Green Leaf Shape Invitation Card 18560 is crafted from handmade paper and matte card, creating an elegant combination. Featuring gold foil printing and tied with a tassel, this traditional design includes two matching die-cut inserts. The matching envelope and inserts with light tint designs add to its cohesive look, making it perfect for those seeking a pocket-sized invite with traditional richness.


    Introducing the Green Leaf Shape Invitation Card 18560, a masterpiece of traditional elegance and modern craftsmanship. This invitation card is meticulously crafted from high-quality handmade paper combined with matte card, presenting a sophisticated and timeless appeal. The unique green leaf shape adds a touch of nature-inspired beauty, making it stand out for any special occasion.

    The main card boasts intricate gold foil printing on the front, adding a luxurious and traditional touch to the design. Tied together with a tassel, it exudes a sense of elegance and tradition, perfectly suited for weddings, anniversaries, or other special celebrations. The card includes two die-cut inserts, matching the main card’s design, providing ample space for all necessary event details while maintaining a cohesive and stylish look.

    The envelope and inserts are made from matte card, featuring a subtle light tint design that complements the overall aesthetic of the invitation. This careful attention to detail ensures that every element of the invitation harmonizes beautifully, creating a seamless and visually pleasing presentation.

    Ideal for those who appreciate traditional richness in a compact form, the Green Leaf Shape Invitation Card 18560 offers a perfect blend of elegance and practicality. Its pocket-sized dimensions make it easy to distribute, while its exquisite design ensures it leaves a lasting impression on recipients. Whether you’re planning an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, this invitation card embodies the essence of refined sophistication and cultural heritage, making it the perfect choice for your special event.

    Name: AI-Green Leaf Shape Invitation Card 18560
    Color: Green
    Weight: 35 GM
    Orientation: Landscape
    Paper: Handmade Card
    Size: 7" x 3.75"