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  • AI-Die-Cut Simple Invitation 19787

    AI-Die-Cut Simple Invitation 19787

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    ₹ 13.6 ₹ 17

    Introducing the Die-Cut Simple Invitation 19787 with a matching envelope, perfect for those who appreciate elegance in simplicity. Ideal for any occasion, this invitation exudes understated sophistication.


    Experience the perfect blend of simplicity and elegance with our Die-Cut Simple Invitation 19787. Crafted for those who value the beauty of minimalism, this invitation card is an epitome of refined taste and understated charm.

    The pristine card stock serves as the canvas for a meticulously die-cut design, creating a subtle yet captivating texture. The matching envelope complements the invitation, ensuring a cohesive and polished presentation. This timeless design is versatile, making it suitable for a wide range of occasions—from intimate gatherings and milestone celebrations to formal events and grand weddings.

    Each invitation exudes an air of sophistication, making it the ideal choice for those who seek to convey a sense of grace and style without overwhelming embellishments. The clean lines and precise cutouts reflect a commitment to quality and attention to detail, ensuring that your guests receive an invitation that feels both special and personal.

    In a world where less is often more, the Die-Cut Simple Invitation 19787 stands out for its ability to communicate elegance through simplicity. It speaks to the discerning individual who understands that true beauty lies in the finer details and the purity of design.

    Whether you’re planning a birthday party, an anniversary celebration, a wedding reception, or any other significant event, this invitation provides a blank canvas for your creativity. Personalize it with your event details, and let its simplicity set the tone for a memorable occasion.

    Choose the Die-Cut Simple Invitation 19787 for its timeless elegance and versatility, and make every occasion truly special.

    Name: AI-Die-Cut Simple Invitation 19787
    Color: Cream
    Weight: 39 GM
    Orientation: Portrait
    Paper: Textured Matte Card
    Size: 5.75" x 9.75"