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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

>> How do I place an order?

As you browse through the products on our site you will see the price next to the picture. Next to the picture is a button (More Details) to add the item to your shopping cart.

  • Click on the ‘More Details’ button, you will be presented with the description page listing all the items you have selected.
  • Click on the back button to go back and select more items.
  • Click on the Bulk Order button on the Shopping Cart page to go towards filling the details necessary for payments & billing details.
>>  How do I take items out of the shopping cart if I pick the wrong item or change my mind?

Go to the shopping cart page and type 0 in the quantity for the item you want to remove. Then click on the ‘recalculate’ button.

>> When is my credit card charged?

When we receive your order we do the usual card checks. Please note that 100% is charged on placement of order.

>> How long does it take for delivery?

If we have the item in stock it will usually be shipped in seven days. If there is to be a delay beyond this we will notify you by email. You will have the option to change the design if you feel the delayed delivery does not meet your requirements.

You can select the card(s) that suits your interest to receive as sample and make an order for them. Once your order for sample is received we will ship them immediately.

Once you see the sample, finalize the proofs and your payment is thru, we take the job for printing. We will ship the cards immediately after they are ready and will intimate you about the delivery details.

3-5 working days : For samples to reach.
3-5 working days : For Proof, reproofs and then you confirm the proofs.
5-7 working days : For printing and dispatching
3-5 working days : For final cards to reach to you
Normally it must take 12-15 working days for the complete procedure.

>> Are there any delivery charges?

Yes delivery/shipping charges have to be borne by the customer only. Delivery charges are detailed after you enter your personal details but prior to completing your order.

>> Can I cancel the order?

We guarantee all our products. We will 100% try to make you happy with the products by the printing and quality of the product as well. If you cancel the order within couple of hours, we can do it. But if you cancel your order after that, 25% of the cost will be deducted from your order, as we have started manufacturing your order.

>> Can I order by mail or fax?

Yes, simply print and fill in our manual order form and mail it or fax it to us. You can send the payment by bank transfer, credit or debit cards. We don’t accept cheques from other countries except India, as it takes time to release.

>> I am not in India, can I still make a purchase?

Yes, we accept orders and deliver anywhere in the world.

>> Do I have to pay in INR?

Yes, our server only accepts payments in INR. However, when the amount is charged to your credit card account, it will be automatically converted to your local currency by the card provider. We do not have access to the exact exchange rate each card provider uses at the time, however you can use our currency converter as a guide.

>>  How are the cards dispatched?

We use the services of UPS/DHL and many other International couriers. Usually, the cards are delivered to the customers between 3-5 working days of delivery from our side. You can track down the delivery status by using / with the help of tracking no. provided by us.

>> How do I submit desired words I would like to get printed on the invitations? Do I get proof before printing is done?

You can send us the desired words through email in a word document or a PDF file. Yes, you get the proof and reproofs until you are satisfied 100%. And upon approval only, we move ahead for printing job.

>> How much is the sample cost?

Sample cost depends upon the particular card selection. Normally, we charge 2-3 times cost of the bulk order card cost + shipping charges.

>> Do you have the gallery for fonts, wordings and images?

Yes, we maintain a vast inventory of fonts, wordings and images. Please view our section Order Print & Ideas on the top menu to know more in details. Apart from those displayed, we can also customize your printing on the basis of ideas given by you. You can send us your chosen fonts, wordings and images through email.